What is the EuroTeQ Engineering University

Three years ago CTU has joined a new prestigious alliance of European technical universities: EuroTeQ Engineering University. We believe EuroTeQ has presented an opportunity that is beneficial, whether you are a student, researcher, or a member of the academic staff.

As six leading universities of science and technology, with the recent addition of two business schools, located across Europe, situated in innovation eco-systems and with great collaboration experience, we are equipped to introduce a paradigm shift in the engineering education of the future, aspiring to responsible value co-creation in technology.

EuroTeQ has emerged from the EuroTech Universities Alliance, taking on board two excellent partners Tallinn University of Technology from Estonia and Czech Technical University in Prague from the Czech Republic in November 2020. In the new funding phase starting in November 2023 , two business schools, Spain’s IESE and HEC Paris, will also join. Associated partners are the Swiss EPFL, IP Paris, as well as a large number of European companies and engineering associations. Anchored in diverse geographical and cultural contexts, each partner with their corresponding eco-systems provides added value and a competitive advantage to the EuroTeQ cooperation. École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Israel and 45 associated project partners from industry and society contribute to these efforts. 

Local roots with an impact through Europe

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