The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund supports teachers at the EuroTeQ partner universities in the realization of digital teaching projects in cooperation with European partners. 

Our goal

We are primarily looking for virtual teaching formats or blended learning approaches that act as a catalyst for interaction between disciplines as well as contribute to the understanding of value creation processes. These can be existing course offerings that take up the EuroTeQ idea or new formats to be developed, such as a micro-credential – a new form of qualification for specific competencies.

Co-creation and collaboration
The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund is a core element of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. It is a clear commitment to intra-European cooperation in higher education – to combine strengths and create synergies. Together with the partners, we want to build a community for teachers – the EuroTeQ Learning Labs – to exchange ideas, share ideas for innovative teaching and cooperate in teaching and research projects. We expect all Teaching Fund grantees to be open to engage in a dialogue with partners, participate in or lead workshops, and drive collaboration in the EuroTeQ project.

For that purposes we have opened a Forum for Teachers to help you to find partners to boost collaboration to develop new teaching & learning formats, share experiences or ask the help to solve teaching challenges.

, Last change: 04.11.2022