Guide for Applicants

1. Context and Purpose

The EuroTeQ Engineering University strives to promote collaboration between six strong Universities of Technology and 45 associated partners, fostering the European spirit in innovative engineering education across Europe. Together we will build an open EuroTeQ Campus that connects teachers and learners with each other, gives opportunities to appreciate different perspectives and generate new ideas. Our graduates will have intercultural and multilingual competencies, an entrepreneurial mindset, think and act responsibly and are ready to lead a competitive Europe into the future.

The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund will support our open and co-creative education approach towards innovative teaching formats for and with European partners.

Build the EuroTeQ Campus with us! Provide high-quality digital (online) or blended courses as part of the newly launched EuroTeQ Engineering University. We look forward to funding your innovative teaching projects in 2022.

Only courses taught in English are eligible  

Your proposal for a teaching format should address one of the following priority topics

  1. invite and integrate students of the EuroTeQ partners into your digital (online) or blended course
  2. develop and pilot new teaching format and offer it to partner universities
  3. cooperate with teachers of  one or more EuroTeQ partners
  4. cooperate with an associated project partner (, GasNet, PRE and Workswell companies)

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Innovative teaching materials which  will be ready to use in courses open for students from all partner universities in  digital (on-line) or blended form in a school year 2022/23  (example of blended form: Lectures and simulations in distant form followed by intense hands-on laboratory course for 1 week).
  • Innovative teaching materials for courses that run simultaneously at two or more partner  universities, the project team includes people from these universities.

Required innovation:

Good content in traditional form is not enough, project should bring innovation such as:

  • Virtual laboratories, simulation tools, applets
  • Digital testing (online or on-campus)
  • Remote laboratories
  • Home laboratories
  • Challenge-based learning
  • Boot camps
  • Interdisciplinary courses, transversal skills
  • Practical experiences (e.g. in a laboratory or in fieldwork)
  • Entrepreneurial formats

The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund invites applications that focus on enhancing cooperation across EuroTeQ partners and/or  on developing formats to foster new ways of collaboration for students and teachers of the alliance partners, vocational and/or professional learners or associated partners in our eco-systems.

You are encouraged to apply for funding in 2021 for projects that support development in the above mentioned areas.

2. Goals & Eligibility

We look for more blended or virtual teaching formats that address new technologies, serve as catalysts for the interaction between disciplines, and help  create competencies to understand value creation processes. These may be existing course offers which can be adapted to take a new shape, or new formats to be developed, e.g. a Micro-credential, a new form of qualification for specific competences.

We encourage projects that have a strong link to the development of the new EuroTeQ Campus. Applicants are asked to address in their project proposal how the project will involve students, teachers, or researchers from EuroTeQ partners working together or inviting new target groups and associated partners. It is our aim to explore and integrate different approaches or perspectives to engineering education and reflect intercultural differences.

All projects have to be evaluated after completion, to assess the demand, quality, added value and potential for scalability.

3. Funding

This call has a total indicative budget of 1 000 000 CZK to be awarded to successful projects. Budget requests are not expected to exceed 75 000 CZK in total (including 5% own co-funding). Funds can only be spent on activities, which fit the purpose of this call. Applicants are asked to itemise their budget using the tables in the application form (please see excel spreadsheet financial plan).

Eligible costs

Cost Categoryeligible / not eligible
Student assistantsEligible
Project specific software licencesEligible
Travel costs to partnerEligible
Project specific equipmentPlease check with the project manager
Video ProductionEligible
Other CostsPlease check with the project manager

Project financing within the EuroTeQ Teaching Fund is provided by reimbursement of costs. Advance payments and the payment of lump sums are not possible. Only activities that have actually taken place are eligible for reimbursement. Co-financing of 5 % from the faculty or institute is required.

4. How to apply

All CTU are eligible to apply if their Head of department and Dean agree to the project including  pre-funding of the activities and  5% co-funding.

Each application contains:

Please submit your application in the English language. Only complete applications submitted before the deadline will be considered. One proposal per applicant per call is permitted.

If the course innovation, development or other activities related to the project are already supported by other resources, the applicant should clearly explain how the activities in this application are different from existing projects.

Please send all application documents to the project manager at

5. Deadline, start dates and duration

The deadline for the call is October 31, 2022.

  • Decisions are expected to be announced in November 2022
  • Starting date for these grants is expected to be in January 23 
  • Grant end dates must not exceed 23 August 2023
  • Activities may continue, but funding cannot be carried to the next calendar year

6. Review and selection of applications

An expert review panel with representatives from the CTU students, vice-deans and colleagues from the partner universities will assess eligible applications. Vice-Rector for Bachelor and Master Studies chairs the panel.

The panel will rank the proposals based on:

  • quality of project/alignment to call and integration of the project in the EuroTeQ Campus
  • innovative use or development of new learning formats
  • quality of cooperation with an alliance partner or associated project partner (if applicable)
  • sustainability of the project, potential of creating a tool box for innovative digital teaching that can be shared with partners

7. Project outputs and their evaluation

Final report (max. 3 pages)  will describe the project and the results/evaluation in reference to the intended goals. The report will contain links to more detailed information of the project results on the web. The final report is due one month after the project ends.

Participants also prepare presentation for the final workshop and evaluation of the projects. The presentation and defense will be recorded and made accessible to all members of EuroTeQ. The costs will be reimbursed after successful defense.

8. Contacts

For inquires read FAQ or contact Lucie Lerch or Pavel Ripka.

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