Theme 2021: Leave no waste behind!

For the first Call, the overall theme is “Leave no waste behind”. So everything circles around reduction of waste and waste disposal. Waste management is a massive problem for many of the world’s fastest growing economies. You can help us shape innovative ideas for Europe’s future!

By bringing in your own ideas, you will help us to create real-life challenges you can then work on in an international and diverse team. The EuroTeQ Collider project weeks will then take place in spring of 2022 at each partner location. The Collider is a dedicated Lifelong Learning activity. You will gain competences and skills relevant for your work life and be rewarded with the “EuroTeQ Professional”certificate.

It is important that as many people as possible submit their ideas, so that we can grasp what the European people really want and shape our educational offers accordingly. You can propose topics and ideas anonymously or enter your contact to follow-up with us. In any case, you can be creative and wild, your imagination is encouraged!

At CTU, you can get involved in solving these specific challenges, which you will solve directly with experts from practice.
The assignments are:

Reachable charging infrastructure

– what happens if we transit from the fuel-based tank station to all-electric charging at any streetlight in the city? Should every streetlight become a charging station, or must we come up with a different distribution? Can streetlights then also fulfill different roles and functions?

Flexibility in energy networks

– getting the exact right amount of energy to the client is important for efficient and sustainable energy production. What different and smart strategies can you come up with that will help us achieve this, so we do not produce too much or too little energy?

PV on every rooftop

– when we can generate energy from every rooftop, how does this impact the energy provision? Can we put PV on every roof, or are there exceptions where it is better to do something else? How does this impact the energy network and deal with fluctuations?

Detection management of gas leakages

– how can drones, handhelds, autonomous cars, satelites, etc help us to manage safe provision of gas from producer to consumer? Can you come up with technologies, processes to make this better? GasNet’s lecture, which took place as part of the „Physical Thursdays“ lecture series at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Czech only), also focused on this issue.

Contact person: Henri Achten

The answers to the most frequently asked questions are available in this FAQ Collider.

More questions? Please join the EuroTeQ Discord server or Go to the Collider website.

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