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Theme 2022: Leave no waste behind!
Also for this year’s challenge, the main theme is “Leave no waste behind”. So everything revolves around waste reduction and waste disposal. Waste management is a huge problem for many of the world’s fastest growing economies. You can help us shape innovative ideas for the future of Europe!

You can watch the stream of the EuroTeQaThon grand finale on Friday 25 November, including the presentations of projects and the final ceremony and overall winner announcement.

The following topics have been listed for Collider 2022/2023:

Rethinking Waste – Ocean Bound Plastics

Theme: Digitalize Idea generation for novel applications of Ocean bound plastic.

Waste Into Product: New Life for Ocean-Bound Plastics

Theme: Eradicate the use of virgin plastics by designing a fully sustainable and circular value chain for ocean bound plastic.

Optimization of power production at gas pressure reduction facilities

Companies try to optimize their production processes. Amongst others, this can be achieved by applying new innovative technologies, or by finding ways how to increase utilization of
the existing machinery park.

Detection management of gas leakages

Methane emissions are a significant contributor to the rising concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere and are therefore partially responsible for near-term global heating. Reducing methane emissions by capturing or utilizing the gas can produce simultaneous safety, environmental and economic benefits.

Reachable charging infrastructure

Theme: Public charging infrastructure – how to bring charging stations into the streets most effectively.

Contact person: Henri Achten

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