Our university participates in EuroTeQ Engineering University, an alliance with of six Universities of Technology in Europe. All EuroTeQ partners provide educational programms in Mechanical Engineering, among others. We can now provide you wirh the opportunity to take one or more Mechanical Engineering courses from partner institutions, in an online or hybrid format. You can find more information in this folder.

In case of further questions about substitution and recognition of courses from Mechanical Engineering, please contact Mrs. Ing. Andrea Vavřinová.


If you are interested in the courses offered in the catalogue and have chosen a course you would like to study at one of the partner universities, please send an email to Ms. Ing. Andrea Vavrinova at the following email address: andrea.vavrinova@cvut.cz, and provide her following information:

– name,

–  the title of course you are interested in,

– your personal CTU student number,

– your faculty and study program at CTU

– type of study (BA/MA/PhD)

The deadline is as follows:

  • 24. 11. 2023

, Last change: 11.10.2023